CrashPlan PRO – easy, secure online backup to protect all your business data

Set it and forget it and leave the details to CrashPlan PRO. Or fine tune to adjust exactly how, when and what is backed up.

CrashPlan PRO for Business


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Backup is an essential part of any IT environment. You data is the lifeblood of your business, losing it could severely impact your ability to do business.

With CrashPlan PRO you can set it and forget it. Or fine tune to adjust exactly how, when and what is backed up. Granular controls via an online management dashboard allow administrators to add and invite new users, view backup progress and stats, and manage backups for the entire company.

Backup is wothless without the ability to reliably restore data. CrashPlan PRO makes this easy. When you lose a file, just open CrashPlan PRO to restore it. If you need a file while you’re away from the office, you can log in to your online account through your laptop or a mobile device with a web browser and restore your files. And with the option to never delete backed up data, you know your file(s) will be available if ever something is lost.



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Overview of what we do

We provide SMBs (up to 200 staff) with the following services for CrashPlan PRO:

  • Assessing your data backup requirements
  • Setting up and managing CrashPlan PRO
  • Providing weekly updates on backed-up data
  • And more, including support, systems, network and security management