A faster, easier, and more secure way to bring your business all the benefits of the web

Tap into the power of the web with devices that are blazing fast, highly secure, and easy to use. Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, devices that are designed to get better over time.

Business vs Retail

Image of Chromebox and Chromebook

The advantages of purchasing your Chrome devices through a Google partner, and thus from Google rather than a consumer Chrome device from a retail outlet such as Wal-mart, Amazon, BestBuy, etc, are:

1.Support, and, 2.Management Tools.

Google Chrome OS Support logo


Get 24/7 support directly from Google
Includes one-year hardware warranty

Phone and email support

Google Chrome Devices for Business customers get 24/7 support via phone and/or email via the Google Enterprise Support Portal. If we manage your Google Apps domain we’ll also be able to manage your support tickets.

Online support

Online support on how to administer Chrome devices for Business is also available. Tracking shipments, enrolling devices, managing settings, configuring printers, setting up policies, and more.

Easy hardware replacement policy

If your hardware fails while under warranty, just contact support and arrange to swap for a new one. No waiting in retail lines or sending it off to be diagnosed. Overnight shipping is available for replacement devices.


Image of Chrome for Business management dashboard


Manage user, device and app policies across an entire fleet of Chrome devices via a web-based console.

Track assets

Assign devices to employees and get configuration and usage reports.

Pre-install and block apps

Blacklist, whitelist, or pre-install apps, extensions and URLs.

Create user groups

Apply policies, apps, and settings to different sets of users.

Control user access

Control who uses your Chrome devices: prevent outside users from logging in, disable Guest Mode, or designate the specific users within your domain that can use a Chromebook.

Configure network access

Set network and proxy settings to make it easy for users to get up and running and ensure they’re protected by web filters and firewalls.

Customize user features

Modify user settings like bookmark and app sync across computers and brand your devices with custom Chrome themes.