The number one reason for G Suite data loss is user error

Protect against user error, hackers, malicious delition, and software corruption. Backing up your business-critical data is the smart thing to do.

Why backup G Suite?

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Backupify for G Suite keeps independent backups of all your G Suite data: Gmail, Docs, Contacts, Calendar and Sites — where it can’t be deleted, stolen, or corrupted. Search, download or restore your G Suite data any time, for every account on your domain, all through a single service.

Backup is an important part of any good IT solution. This is true for both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. While the cloud helps address the risks associated with hardware error, unfortunately, it doesn’t make users more careful with data.

People delete things by mistake. Accounts with weak passwords get hacked. 3rd-party software given permission to access Google accounts can corrupt data.

User error is the number one reason for data loss in G Suite. Backing up your G Suite data helps to eliminate the risk of data loss from user error, hackers, malicious deletion, and software corruption. Backing up your data is the smart thing to do.

Why Backupify?

Backupify is the most trusted and comprehensive G Suite backup solution. Backupify offers:

  • Automated
    Daily backup of G Suite services
  • Backupify backs up Gmail, Docs, Chats, Contacts, Calendar and Sites
    Backups occur automatically every day, admins can also initiate a backup at any time
  • Centralized Management
    Admin tools simplify adding users, managing archives and completing restores for domains
  • One-Click Restore
    Restoring your emails, documents or entire accounts is fast and easy, click the restore button and your data is instantly, securely and reliably restored directly to your G Suite account so you can get back to business
  • Local Downloads
    Bring your cloud-based information back down to earth with local downloads, download critical items or complete user accounts to a local computer or server
  • Search
    The world’s most advanced search tool for G Suite domains, a powerful built-in search bar is included that allows admins to find emails and documents across entire domain
  • Cloud Storage
    Backupify files are stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are subject to the highest security and reliability standards in the world and boast a 99.9% uptime
  • Data Retention
    Backupify by default holds your data indefinitely, or you can set your own retention policy for your archives
  • Security
    Your data is transferred over encrypted channels and stored under encryption in Amazon S3, which is ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Level 1 certified
  • Scalability
    Backupify’s system is highly scalable and can meet your backup needs no matter how many users are on your domain, or how much data you have stored. Backupify is the leading SaaS backup company, trusted by 180,000 users to backup over 200 terabytes of data, 300 million documents and over 1 billion emails