User error is the number one reason for data loss in Google Apps

Protect against user error, hackers, malicious deletion, and software corruption. Backing up your business-critical data is the smart thing to do.

Backupify for Google Apps


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Backup is an important part of IT best practices. The use of an independent backup system protects your data from user error, malicious deletion, hacking, and other forms of data loss.

In an internal research paper into Data Loss in Google Apps, Backupify concluded that 63% of all data loss issues in Google Apps were down to user-error. They also note that Google has never lost any Google Apps data. This is why backing up Google Apps domains is so important; Google doesn’t protect your data against what an end-user may do it, but Backupify does.

Backupify has the features you need to manage large or small domains. Automated daily backups. Central admin console. One-click restore. Local exports. And more!

Install Backupify on your domain via the Google Apps Marketplace and Backupify will protect your Google Apps data. Every night, Backupify will query the Google Apps API for your most recently added and updated files, duplicate that data to an encrypted archive in Amazon’s high-availability storage cloud, then make those independent copies available for one-click restoration or download through Backupify’s intuitive web interface. The process repeats every 24 hours to ensure comprehensive protection for all your Google Apps domain data.



Backupify for Google Apps

Overview of what we do

We provide SMBs (up to 200 employees) with the following services for Backupify:

  • Assess your company’s need for Google Apps backup
  • Provide you with a 15-Day Free Trial, no credit card or contract
  • Set up and manage Backupify for your end-users
  • Creating snapshots to allow you to delete accounts without fear of data loss
  • And more, including support, systems, network and security management