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Securing your WiFi network

Locking your wireless network is as important as locking your home or business. Continue reading

VyprVPN for Business now available

We’ve been very happy users of VyprVPN for well over a year. We’re please to see they’ve just released VyprVPN for Business. Continue reading

How Cloud Computing Companies Make Their Data Centers Hacker-Proof

CloudTweaks contributor, Robert Shaw, has written a good, concise piece on security of cloud computing. Robert starts with “Cloud computing naysayers have long cited security and privacy as their number one concerns. ” He ends with “Overall, data center security is extremely sophisticated and constantly… Continue reading

Google’s Privacy Principles

Google works hard to make sure any innovation is balanced with the appropriate level of privacy and security for end-users. Google’s Privacy Principles help guide decisions they make at every level of the company, so they can help protect and empower users while they fulfill… Continue reading

Privacy Worries? Google Shouldn’t Be Your Biggest Fear

ZDNet’s Sam Diaz writes “… I tend to not buy into a lot of the Google bashing that goes on over privacy and the suggestion that Google is spying on us and stealing our information so that they can do something sinister with it –… Continue reading

Google Chrome & Privacy – Browsers, Privacy and You

Learn about the features in Google Chrome that help protect your privacy. Download Google Chrome at