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Search for emails by size and more in Gmail

Gmail New Compose

Gmail has a new compose window that allows for multiple messages at once and a slick new interface. For steps to try the new experience, see the Google Apps Learning Center:

Go Google: Circle Back

Hangout with Gmail contacts right from your inbox and see what happens when the email chain goes Google.

Email Log Search

Email log search gives administrators the ability to sift through the last month of delivery logs for their domains and evaluate message transit. This is useful for tracking down a sender or recipient’s missing messages and identifying their route to your users’ inboxes.

Story of Send on Google Green

Follow an email on its journey to see what happens when you send a message. Along the way, find out how Google minimizes their impact on the environment.

See what it’s like to go Google

“Going Google” is a new way to talk, share, work and get things done together using products like Gmail, Google documents, and Google Drive.