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Chrome: Now Everywhere

One browser for your laptop, phone and tablet. When you use Chrome across all of your devices, your web gets better, everywhere.

Chrome: For Your Little Man

One browser for your laptop, phone, and tablet — for when what’s yours is really his. Learn more at

Chrome: For Whatever You Unwrap

This year, download Chrome for a better web on your phone, laptop, tablet and desktop. Find out more at

Enhanced Chrome browser support for Google Apps customers

Google announced this week that Google Apps customers now get phone and email support for Chrome browser issues.

Your Chrome, Everywhere

Sign-in and seamlessly experience your personalized web across desktops, phones, and tablets with Chrome for Mobile.

Signing in to Chrome: Tab Sync

Chrome syncs your tabs across all your devices, so you can access them from the “Other devices” menu on the New Tab page. Go to the Chrome menu and select “Sign in to Chrome.”