Recently(ish) gone Google

Gone Google

Google Apps for Work is a suite of online tools built to help you and your employees communicate and collaborate more effectively.

You get email, video meetings, documents and more – and access to them from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Over 5 million businesses have gone Google

Here are some of the organizations that have recently(ish) gone Google:

Ambush Security
Ambush Security keep homes safe with Google Apps

CookNSolo Restaurants
CookNSolo Restaurants’ secret sauce is Google Apps

The DreamYard Preparatory School
DreamYard Prep helps students showcase artistry and scholarship with Google Apps for Education

dotHIV raises funds to fight AIDS with help from Google Apps

Gandy’s creates fashionable footwear for good using Google Apps

Boticca brings beautiful designs into a global marketplace with Google Apps for Work

FarmDrop creates a company of real food revolutionaries using Google Apps

Glenbrook High School District 225
Advice from a Chief Innovation Officer

Wool and the Gang
Wool and the Gang powers a global network of makers using Google Apps

Kano taps Google Apps for creating ‘magic’ in DIY computer business

University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Austin makes teaching happen anywhere, anytime with Google Apps and Drive for Education

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