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What? No. mug photo from Zazzle. We’re not affiliated, but what a lovely mug. What not buy one?

It has been almost eleven months since our last post. This breaks rule number one; blog regularly. It also gives the impression we’re not around which couldn’t be further from reality.

Like many of you, we’ve been busy. Very busy. We’re busier year-on-year across every metric we track with regard to client work. We’ve also been improving, enhancing, and expanding internally, with regard our tools and infrastructure.

We’ve been re-writing our website from the ground up. Honestly, we should have gone live well before now (the range of services on our site are so out of date) but increased client work has delayed this on several occasions.

We’ve considered outsourcing our website’s development, but we really do want to build it in-house for multiple reasons. We don’t have an estimate to go-live just yet. When we do, we’ll provide updates on here and Twitter.

We have been somewhat active on our main Twitter account, @JBITcom, but again, not nearly enough. We hope to increase this with the launch of our new site.

For anyone who may have missed it, we have launched a new status page, jbit.io. We provide real-time updates on any issues affecting our infrastructure and third-parties on which we, and many of our clients, depend.

So, hopefully not too far into the future we’ll be able to show what we’ve been working on.

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