Shared storage quota in Google Apps: Gmail, Drive & Google+

Today, Google has announced it is implementing unified storage for Gmail, Drive and Google+.

Up to now, users had a maximum of 25GB of storage for Gmail, plus 5GB free storage for Drive.

30GB free Google Apps storage

The storage amounts were not interchangeable between products and Gmail storage couldn’t be increased above the 25GB limit; however, additional Drive storage could be purchased. (NB. Native Google Docs files do not count towards storage limits).

The announcement that this will change is very welcome. Soon, users will have 30GB allocated for free with the option to use between Gmail, Drive and Google+, as the user sees fit. Plus, additional storage purchased can be shared between a user’s products, and thus, there will no longer be a 25GB limit on mail.

This update will roll out to Rapid Release domains over the coming weeks, with Scheduled Release domains following thereafter.

More info at the Official Google Enterprise blog –

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