OpenDNS brings six new European datacenters online

OpenDNS Global Network MapOpenDNS recently announced that it has increased its European datacenter count by six, tripling its current European presence.

The new additions are in Prague, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest, and are strategically located in key buildings hosting Internet exchanges, which allows OpenDNS to peer directly with networks that use its services, thus reducing network latency which helps speed up response times (put simply, faster loading websites).

Using specialized recursive DNS providers, such as OpenDNS, rather than (typically) an ISP’s name-server, provides speed and security improvements. Consumer services are typically free and easy to set-up, and business services such as OpenDNS Umbrella provide advanced protection against malware, botnets and phishing attacks, and allow for granular control of blocking individual sites or categories of sites.

We’re big fans of OpenDNS Umbrella. We use it internally and with our clients. We’ll be blogging more about Umbrella in future posts.

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