Privacy Worries? Google Shouldn’t Be Your Biggest Fear

ZDNet’s Sam Diaz writes “… I tend to not buy into a lot of the Google bashing that goes on over privacy and the suggestion that Google is spying on us and stealing our information so that they can do something sinister with it – like make money and provide online services that impact our daily lives.

I’ve been using free GMail, Google Maps and Google Search for years and I’ve yet to have my identity stolen, my personal data compromised or my trash sifted through by a stalker who tracked me down because I used Google Maps for driving directions.”

Sam goes on to say, “When it comes to being worried about the information being made available about me on the Web, it’s not Google that I’m worried about. It’s me that I’m worried about, the guy who’s posting regularly on social networks. It’s my family and friends and what they might be saying – or posting – about me on their pages.”

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